Sunday, 13 January 2013

Ride 5 - Whinlatter

Headed out on my own for this one and went to another local well known trail at Whinlatter forest. Decided to ride the south side first as it's not often I ride that side, the climbs weren't great thanks to the beers the night before but it was a pleasant clear day with good views and good trail conditions. The view from the top of the south is one of personal favourites.

Once that loop was finished I decided to keep moving and do a full loop of the north, the trail was pretty quiet considering the amount of people I had seen on bikes milling around the car park. There was a diversion in place for trail maintenance on the top section of the down that couldn't really be ridden but the last set of switchbacks was open and is always fun and fast.

Good clear view of Skiddaw for once

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