Monday, 21 January 2013

A few rides later, rides 7, 8 and 9

I've decided to add a little extra challenge into the 100 rides of 2013 by attempting to include 50 unique rides into the mix. This will hopefully mean I will get out and adventure a little more and try some new routes too. None of these rides are really unique but it is cold, wet and winter after all.

Ride 7 - Another night ride this time with a friend around his local hills at Geltsdale. The last few rides here were rather wet boggy affairs but due to the recent cold weather most of the trails were frozen. We didn't do a long route due to a very chilly wind but it was good to get out.

Ride 8 - I was dog sitting for the day so took my little friend Pepper out to Mabie Forest where we had a nice wee ride around a mix of trails and paths I know. I was left for dead on all the hills as four legs are clearly faster than two wheels but I like to think I at least held my own on the downs.

Ride 9 - Went back to Newcastleton, and thanks to a little covering of snow it made the ride a little more interesting than usual. All the little humps and bumps were smoothed out and some of the looser sections actually had grip.

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