Friday, 4 January 2013

100 Rides of 2013

This year I am going to attempt to document (write up or just a simple photo) all my rides this year, with the hope that I complete a minimum of 100 rides.

The first two are already completed.

New years day ride: The regular new years day ride was attended by an impressive 20 people this year and we also broke from tradition (Mabie forest) and did a loop near Askham. It wasn't great weather, a little rain, a little wind, but everyone completed a 10 mile loop (13 mile for some of us) and all came back smiling. It's a nice short loop that does punish with a long climb to start with but then rewards with a pretty fun (and this time very very wet) descent. It also finishes back at the pub which does good beer, food and has an open fire, perfect for warming up cold hands and feet.

Thursday night ride: This was a very foggy affair at Newcastleton. The lights helped us see in near pitch blackness but they did little to help pierce the thick fog which brought visibility down to about 3 feet in some places, still a good ride for a warmer than usual January evening.

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