Sunday, 13 January 2013

Gisburn Forest - Ride 6

Gisburn is a popular trail centre, when we arrived this morning both car parks were full and there were loads of bikers out in force, from young kids with parents, new comers on simple builds, downhill warriors pushing up the hills ready to tear back down again and more like us with reasonably expensive bikes that can do it all if you have enough fitness and skill.

It's quite a rough trail with plenty of technical challenges and more than a few ups and downs. Most of the trail is hard pack build as without this the sheer number of people visiting would make a muddy mess of some of the forested sections. It's not an overly long trail but it is quite tiring, the rough nature of the trail and technical aspects certainly drain the batteries. The highlights are probably the Hope line which is a smooth section through the woods with jumps and drops and the infamous Hully Gully, huge rollercoaster like berms which will having you grinning or shaking once ridden.

Once you've finished it's definately worth visiting the cafe they do the biggest slice of flapjack for a winning price :)

Everyone wore red today, not sure why...

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