Friday, 6 September 2013

Feed the addiction - a new bike for work

Work has decided that it will join the cyclescheme this week so this has got me thinking (not that I need much excuse to think about bikes) about what, if anything I could possibly get. I will say now that I already have a bike I use as a commuter bike, it's a recently purchased Cotic Soul frame built up with various spare bits I have lying around. It's a perfectly good bike and probably doesn't need replaced but I like bikes and the chance to get a new one is always a temptation.

What I currently use for commuting

A small part of me wants to throw common sense out of the window and get a new playful hardtail frame (or build) that can be used for commuting purposes but also for short loops in the woods, or a play down the pump track. It's not ideal for commuting and the reality is I probably wouldn't use it all that much outside of commuting as I have a great full susser that I use quite a lot. It's just that I really like the look of them Stanton Slackline frames.

They just look good fun

There is also one other option i've been looking at and that is a 29er. The larger wheels have much more in common with your standard road or commuter bike (they usually have 29 or 700c wheels), but I just can't cross the line to proper commuter or roadie so a 29er would be my compromise. It could run with skinnier tyres for the commuting purposes and I could possibly have a second pair of more trail friendly tyres in case I fancied taking it to some trails. I quite like the look of the Genesis High Latitude and people seem to get along well with them.

Quite nice for a 29er I think

Hmmmm choices...

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