Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Boredale Hause and Ullswater Singletrack

I'm now up to ride number 78 so well into my 100 rides of 2013, and this one can probably also count toward my unique rides target (50 rides need to be unique). Some of this route is a little cheeky and one old couple did comment we were "naughty" for riding a section of footpath but most of it does follow bridleways and we're always polite to the people we meet.

We parked the van at the church in Martindale and headed along the road that turns into a bridleway up to Boredale Hause. Most of this is rideable if you have good legs but there is one section near the top where you're forced to do a quick hike a bike for 5 minutes or so. You then just need to follow the trail down and along to Hartsop. It's a pretty wide section of trail so easy to pick up a bit of speed and it isn't overly technical, just be on the look out for anyone walking (or riding) up.

Hayeswater Reservoir, token bike shot

You are now faced with another climb to Hayeswater Reservoir. Again this can be pedalled if you're fit enough and you get a nice place to rest and grab a bite to eat once you reach Hayeswater. The bridleway then gets steeper and you'll most likely be facing a push or carry for the rest of the way up. We stopped around halfway up this last section where a footpath crossed the bridleway.

Angle Tarn and some pointing action

This is where the trail turns a little cheeky we followed the footpath that leads between Prison Crag and Satura Crag and round the back of Angle Tarn, it's really quite a nice section of trail, quite technical in places and easy to get caught on the high grass verges that border the trail in places. We did meet a few walkers along this route so we thanked those that let us pass and happily chatted to a few to keep relations between the groups friendly, (we were riding a footpath after all) we continued along the trail until we reached Boredale Hause again.

You then have a choice (of sorts) to which trail to take down, one is a footpath the other is a bridleway, they run parallel to each other and both are fun, technical in places but pretty fast. We had started to descend the bridleway but it was pretty busy with walkers coming up so we switched to the footpath below that was clear. In this case I think riding a footpath is perfectly fine, the walkers don't feel intimidated by bikers coming towards them and we get a clear ride down. No conflicts, no drama, everyone is happy.

Cracking section of trail

The last section of the ride was along the infamous Ullswater Singletrack, a very technical ride along a busy section of trail. We took a slightly higher line initially to check out a very technical section of trail that runs a little above the main bridleway. Once back on the main track we met quite a few walkers and runners, the improved weather had obviously brought the tourists out of their hiding so it was quite an interrupted ride back to Martindale, due to both other trail users and the technicality of the trail. Once you reach Martindale it is just a short road spin back to the Church where we had left the van.

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