Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Trying something new

I've owned full suspension bikes in the past and have always bought 2nd hand, and while they were fun they just lacked that fun raw feeling you get from a well built hardtail. Recently I've had the itch to try out full suspension again, maybe it's all the videos I watch or maybe it's that most people I know now ride one and while it's possible to keep up I am starting to feel pretty battered after some rides.

Well this time I decided to spend a little more and buy new and get a Nukeproof Mega. I've had my eye on this frame for a while and I just love the raw look to it, plus it's relatively cheap for a suss frame. It's been out on quite a few rides now, from days out in the Lakes, around the local trail centres and even down the nearby jumps and for the most part feels pretty good.

Here's a picture of it looking pretty in the Lakes

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